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Unreleased Game Jam - An Eye For An Aye


July 2022 - May 2023


Remote position with regular online meetings


Lead Writer and Narrative Designer


Together with my fellow game writer Coral Wylie, I pitched story beats, characters, items, and other relevant pre-production elements to the other departments. I then crafted and edited the script with Coral while working with other departments to work toward the narrative vision.


Unity, Google Suite, Discord, Audacity, Notion

Team Size

Ten - myself and another Writer, two Programmers, three Artists, one Audio Designer, one Producer, and one User Researcher

An Eye For An Eye was a game jam project that I worked on with other IG50 2022 winners.

Together with another game writer, I led the narrative design and scriptwriting elements of the project, collaborating with the other departments to ensure the narrative was understood and properly represented in all aspects of game development.

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