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Pixelles' Game Writing Program - Sample Item Descriptions With Barks

Date Worked On

May 2023


Remote position


Student, Writer, Researcher, Editor


We were tasked with completing three exercises as follows.

1. Pick two games: one game with an item description style that you feel is close to your strongest prose style as a writer and one that is far from it. Now, try and write 10 item descriptions for both of those genres. (Don’t write specifically for those games.)
2. Try writing 10 item descriptions for objects you don’t already know a lot about. Research these items and pick up the vocabulary and jargon associated with them.
3. Time trial. Find an online catalogue. Now, pick 10-20 items, pick a target game genre, and time how long it takes you to write descriptions of these items.


Excel, Google Suite

Team Size

Four - myself and three other students giving feedback

Four sets of ten item descriptions for four different games with individual PC and NPC barks. Written as part of Pixelle's Game Writing Program 2023.

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